Our Peacemaker

"Our Peacemaker" is a Theatrical Musical Stage Production inspired to bring to life Jesus, the Christ of God, in the hearts of mankind.  Born in the heart of a transforming Christian, who had been raised in the formality of a denominational church, the author coming to understand that the "WORDS" of God written in the Bible in themselves have power ...and knowing that music in itself has the power to paint the spirit and present emotion, "Our Peacemaker" was written and composed of music from the heart.  The lyrics and words of "Our Peacemaker" were each carefully chosen from many translations of scripture in English, as well as from the original Greek and Hebrew.  The scenes, honoring the culture of the day, yet applicable to our modern day lives, present Jesus as a caring loving individual interested in each and every person,  He esteems greatly the honor of Father God and is saturated with the authority of life.

Our prayer is that coming to know and love Jesus through this work moves us all to die with Him on the cross, to bury our past in the tomb and to be raised to new life in His resurrection.  The finale of "Our Peacemaker" is Pentecost, the first altar call for these last days.

We started The Inspiration Company because we are passionate about Jesus, about sharing the love, the grace and the truth of God become man, who lived among us. We are fervent in our labors to present "Our Peacemaker" to as many as possible, that countless souls find the peace and eternal life that is only found in a relationship with Jesus.

For Such A Time As This...

We believe that God is moving and the greatest out-pouring of His Holy Spirit is about to be released to and in the earth.  Jesus said "Greater things than these will you do" (John 14:12), and "look on the fields for they are white already to harvest" (John 4:35).  We are earnestly looking to be a part of the coming great revival.  

Putting Together The Team

Again, we have been so greatly blessed.  Many talented artists, performers and administrators are looking forward to being a part of the production of "Our Peacemaker." We are working to be in production soon. If you are interested in auditioning or making an application, please contact us. We will get back with you a quickly as we can.